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Bangle Up x Icode
collaboration exclusive
Women your potential is endless !
Six years ago (already!), our two brands met and it was love at first sight. Sparkling, colourful, fans of quirky messages… a collaboration was a must.

It was such a great experience that we wanted to offer you a new range of bangle up & I.Code jewellery.
Bangle Up x Icode
Bangle Up x Icode
This collection aims to highlight an urban, colourful
and conscious collection, a wonderful celebration of women.
To mark the occasion, 14 bangles have been designed:
Bangle Up x Icode Seven narrow bangles in zesty colours with a mantra engraved on the inside
Bangle Up x Icode Four wide bangles with the key I.Code prints: “Free as air” and “Women”
Bangle Up x Icode Three golden bangles with this season’s key messages:
“Miss I.Code”, “Free Boobs Club” and “Women Power Up”
It’s time to show our convictions loud and proud:
Women your potential is endless ! Women your potential is endless !
Bangle Up x Icode
Bangle Up x Icode
Bangle Up x Icode


I.Code teams up with jewellery brand Bangle up and unveils the exclusive and dazzling collaboration of the season. Various bracelets are gilded with fine gold and given a new look with I.Code’s star print, like the geometric and floral cuff. For understated feminine looks choose bracelets or bangles engraved with messages dear to Mademoiselle I.Code: “Heureuse”, “Bonheur”, “Mademoiselle Pétillante”…