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What is your body shape?
We’ll see what your body shape is to guide you, we’ll go through all the jean fits, and answer all your questions. We promise, your dream pair of jeans is a click away…
nouvelle collection icode
We’re working every day to make our line of jeans as environmentally-friendly and sustainable as possible. Working hand in hand with our historic suppliers, we’re working to reduce the carbon impact of our jeans by favouring material supply and manufacturing as close as possible to France. We are being particularly vigilant about the treatments used on our jeans by favouring ozone or ecozyme treatments that don't use much water. We have banned added metal hardware on our jeans to make them easier to recycle. The road is a long one but we’re really motivated!
ok, but I have…
( You are perfect as you are, but always say… )
... fashion week legs
Show them off in straight, slim or skinny jeans. Do you want to give your friends a complex? Wear flared or boyfit jeans , they won't accentuate how long your legs are and BONUS if they’re bleached, they’ll make your legs look less long. Do you like printed jeans? Go for it! They suit slim legs really well.
… legs that like hems
Go for slim or straight jeans to make them look incredible! Want a longer-looking figure? Wear jeans with a pair of heels.
... sporty thighs
Straight jeans are your BFF! They balance out the figure with their more flared fit at the bottom of the leg. Flares do the same thing, but x10! Never-ending legs are yours… And if you like the boyfit shape, this one is made for you.
…a little booty
Low-waist is a must! High-waist won't flatter it. Want “Wow” volume? Go for jeans with big back pockets, they’ll give your booty more impact.
...a wobbly booty
Wear high-waist jeans! Straight jeans and flares will also make your booty look great. Too much volume? (honestly, there’s never too much!) Skip skinny and slim jeans and those with outside pockets and prints.
...a cushioned tummy
High-waist jeans will love snuggling your comfy stomach. The bonus? Flares win the Oscar in the “enhanced waist” category!
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