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Your questions
Why do you continue to work with China?
We work with China for the specific expertise it has in outerwear pieces like padded jackets and parkas, and pleating, which is used a lot in I.Code collections.
Why don’t you manufacture more in France?
Even if France is gradually establishing industry again, production costs are very high.
Do your collections respect animal welfare?
Yes. Whether it is our leather, wool or another fabric, we ensure that animal welfare is respected.
How do you guarantee standards for workers’ working conditions in your partner factories?
By auditing our suppliers, the audits’ aim being protect workers’ health and ensure their safety. To do so, our purchasing office became a member of ICS (Initiative for Compliance and Sustainability) (
ICS is a multisector initiative which has the objective of supporting factories in world supply chains to lastingly improve employee living conditions. ICS is made up of 66 brands from the textile, shoe, electronic product, food and furniture sectors, and enables member companies to pool audits via shared tools, to share their knowledge and best practices.
How do you guarantee the quality of your products?
By carrying out tests in laboratories on products’ physical and chemical properties (to ensure that they are not harmful for health), as well as for wearing (all our products are tried on a fitting room mannequin to be sure that clothes fit well)
What is an eco-friendly fabric or product at I.CODE?
  • Organic materials (cotton)
  • Recycled materials (polyester)
  • FSC or ECOVERO certified materials (viscose)
  • leather from LWG tanneries
  • denim with a treatment that uses less water
  • materials that take animal welfare into account
An eco-friendly product must be manufactured with at least 50% organic material or 30% recycled material.
Have you put actions in place to manage the use of plastic?
Yes. We have reduced our products’ plastic packaging by 30% (polybags) and plastic coat hangers by more than 50%.
How do you transport your goods from foreign countries to I.CODE stores?
Mostly by lorry. By boat for goods from Asia. For I.Code, we never go over more than 10% by air.
How do you reduce your employees’ environmental impact as well as your energy consumption?
Through our teleworking policy, which gives the employee the opportunity to work from home 2 days a week. By keeping the temperature in our offices at 19°. By keeping our stores’ doors closed.
What are your main objectives by 2025 with the aim of reducing the impact I.CODE has on the environment?
  • 100% of our clothes manufacturer suppliers will be ICS audited –Score A or B
  • Undertaking social audits for our knitters/weavers
  • 100% of our cotton channels are traced end to end to identify our cooperatives.
  • 100% of our leather channels are traced
  • 100% of all of our channels are traced at least to knitter/weaver to guarantee regulations are respected (AGEC law)
  • 100% of leather products are certified LWG Gold (or equivalent)
  • 100% of our cotton is farmed organically – undergoing conversion or recycled
  • 100% of our polyester is recycled
  • 100% of our viscose is from sustainably-managed forests
  • 100% of our denim is made using organic or recycled materials
  • 100% of our wool is recycled or from certified channels
  • End of plastic in our polybags
  • Reducing our carbon footprint by 30% vs 2019