At I.Code, we love fashion and we like to do things with meaning!
That's why we're focusing on natural materials this summer: linen, cotton and viscose ensembles.
These signature summer pieces are synonymous with quality, comfort and durability!
These natural fibers have the advantage of being lightweight and highly resistant. The material doesn't deteriorate with each wash; on the contrary, it becomes softer and softer. You'll be able to keep your favorite piece for years, and it's off to a great love affair 💚
This natural fabric is a great everyday ally. Absorbent and breathable, it's ideal for everyday wear. We try to favor as much as possible the choice of organic or in-conversion cotton in the interests of ethics and respect for the environment. Over 60% of our cotton items are designed in a more responsible way. By avoiding chemical treatments, the material has stronger fibers, guaranteeing a robust, long-lasting garment.
Strictly speaking, it is not natural, but this material is derived from the transformation of a natural raw material: wood cellulose. Why choose an artificial fabric? Some natural fibres produce fabric that is rough, thick and unpleasant to the touch. Viscose is used to transform plant cellulose to create artificial fibres that are much softer, finer and softer. Viscose is also known as ‘artificial silk’ because it is light and fluid, giving your garment a supple feel. Its shiny appearance and softness to the touch make it pleasant to wear, easy to care for and doesn't crease easily (what an impressive CV!) And our little extra...75% of our viscose range is made from recycled viscose *dances with joy*. OK, we love it.